Ep:06| The Shaman woman & the Rooster

” The End”

Recap: Nyibu Gagam proclaims Takar as the Dead man, Ming-keng the leader went curious about Takar’s unknown events that had happened with him, While questioning Takar about his whereabouts a voice comes out from the dark dense bushes “I know “ everyone was shocked and silent “

Nyibu Gagam asked loudly “who is there behind the bushes, if you are man enough show yourself “ with a cringed smile, Wornout dress ,shabby hair and dirty teeth came out Yakor Paleng the mad man. He looked at everyone standing there curiously with huge smile on his face, his dark dirty teeths were so smelly that Takar said “Aargggggg this same old smelly brat is here againTakong the relatives of Takar and Talar asked Yakor Palenghow do you know about what happened with Takar ” before Yakor Paleng could say any further Nyibu Gagam called Takar And Yakor paleng the mad man inside the house.

1. Inside the house

Nyibu Gagam sat down beside the miiram (a place where fire is burned) and said directly to Takar ” you can hide things From your brother and sisters and the villagers but not with me. Takar sighed a bit and looked at Yakor paleng the mad man, Yakor paleng narrated Takar that he saw this thing in his vision, Takar asked “what do you mean by this thing“? Nyibu Gagam interrupted and said you don’t have to worry about him, he just can see visions and he is the one who told me about you, how you would rise from dead. Takar still didn’t utter a single word, he then went outside the house. Meanwhile Yakor Paleng said to the nyibu (shaman) it’s time you should summon your uyu Gomte Ato, Yakor paleng closed his eyes and started narrating the vision. However Uyu Gomte Ato was one of the most powerful spirit that was held by Nyibu Gagam for a very long time, The uyu was honest with shaman Gagam ,He was summoned for a decisive work ,he had to go with the villagers to the southern Province of Gong village, crossing the Yarlung tsangpo.

2.Outside the Shaman’s house

Everyone gathered anxiously to listened to what the Nyibu Gagam had to say and get his blessing before leaving the village. Nyibu and Yakor Paleng came outside and gathered all the villagers waiting outside. Nyibu Gagam asked Ming Keng the leader to take Takong and the rest of the villagers with him to bring back yami who was all alone in the Gong village. Talar and Takar was forbidden to go back to the south. Talar asked “why not us? We have more experienced of the route to the southern province ,please let us goUyu Gomte Ato growls and asked them to listen to what the shaman Gagam had just said. Takar didn’t look bothered, but Talar was restless as he wanted to accompany Ming Keng the leader & Takong his cousin. Takong was accompanied by his three brothers ‘Tator ,Tamo and Tayap” Takar and Talar went back to the village where their mother Ane Yater was waiting.

3.Gong village

After walking for 2 months and half the group led by Ming Keng the leader reached the Gong village, where they found Yami sitting alone and helpless. “yami!!!! Shouted Ming Keng the Leader , listening to that Yami was so happy, she never expected that she would see Ming Keng the leader again in her life. Yami came running towards Ming Keng , and came to know all about her brother Takar and Talar, “they are safe in the village with Ane yater” said Tayap the last brother of Takong Tapen” hearing that Yami began crying out of happiness, she always had blamed herself for the unfortunate incident , it was such a comfort knowing that her brother Takar is Alive and safe in the village, and now she was about to leave her house . The cock whom she had freed sometime ago crowed with happiness and satisfaction, he said ‘I am happy for you Ane Yami” the cock asked permission if he was allowed to go with her ,Yami agreed to take both the cock and the hen to Damyo village . Tamo and Tayap the last two brothers of Takong tapen found the Gong village so beautiful that they decided to roam around, “we must stick together ” Tator and Takong shouted ”

Note:Usually in New places childrens below 19 should never roam around freely, the uyu (spirits) dwelling in that area might get disturbed.

4. yami encounters uyu Gomte Ato

While Tamo and Tayap were shouting and running around the village, Ming Keng the leader asked Yami to request both the brothers to get ready to leave the village ,so Yami managed to ask them to stop running around and get ready, in the meanwhile Uyu Gomte Ato appeared , seeing him Yami fell straight to the ground. Everyone started calling out her name as she became unconscious, Tamo brought some water to splash in her face so that she could wake up. After few minutes she woke up and told everyone” it was this uyu that took away Takar and killed my husband great shaman from Southyami cried and cried , she started asking Ming Keng the Leader and Takong her cousin, “why did this Uyu (spirit) appeared a while ago? My husband use to say one has to offer sacrificial gift to let the Uyu appear, but he just appeared right here without any rituals, how?

Ming Keng the leader slowly understood the game of Nyibu Gagam, It was him who had been playing such distasteful Game with all of them. He abruptly gathered everyone and set off for Damyo .

5.The story unfold

While reaching the village Takong and his brother went to their family, but Ming Keng and Yami didn’t enter the village, Ming Keng had a plan, He asked Yami to go and meet Nyibu Gagam and tell a lie that her husband is not dead, and she must go back to Gong village, but before that she will meet Her Family , while she meet and stay busy with the Nyibu Gagam, Ming Keng the leader would tell the truth to brothers and all the villagers.

As per the plan, Yami reaches Nyibu Gagam‘s home and said “OH great shaman thank you for your constant prayer and support, I have reached safely”. Nyibu Gagam came out and greeted Yami, ‘good to see you yami but sorry for your lost” Yami replied Oh great Nyibu Gagam I haven’t lost anything, I have to go back to my husband at Gong ,he is waiting for my return, but before leaving I will meet my family”. Listening to this Nyibu Gagam grew frustrated, yami asked what happened to him, the shaman didn’t answer much but ask her to go to the village and told her he will be busy .

While Yami left for her home to eagerly meet her family members, Nyibu Gagam summoned his uyu Gomte Ato, Nyibu shouted him, “I gave you enough blood sacrifice and you betrayed me!!! Uyu replied “No” why should I? Nyibu Gagam shouted you didn’t kill her husband right? I also gave you Yami’s brother Takar as a blood sacrifice and you freed him? While both were arguing about the past events, All villagers gathered outside Nyibu Gagam’s house, Village headman stood at the front, Tabi the hunter was ready with his weapon, Ming Keng the leader led the villagers to the front and rear, Yami stood with her brothers .

All were listening to the argues of shaman and the Uyu Gomte Ato, uyu grew furious and rose up and yelled “you asked me to kill the great Shaman of south and bring Yami to you, you wanted to have Yami, it was your plan, Takar was a good man, even after i captured him ,he helped me by telling the secrets of his grandma, Yai Tato the fearless the great lady shaman in the Nyingchi province, Yai Tato the fearless helped me to be free from the bondage of the 300 year old cursed that was inflicted upon me, now I could meet my family too but since you had sacrificed a lot for me I was bound by your spell and summons, so I had to kill The great shaman of Gong village but not Takar, I turned Him into a wolf and told him about his friends and his brother that they were going to meet the lady shaman but the path they took was dangerous so I asked Takar to take care of them and he did it,and now Yami is here too! You can have Yami I have fulfilled your demands,now you can’t order me, I am a free spirit now”.

Ming Keng the leader shouted “burned down the house of Nyibu Gagam! His heart is not pure, he lies to us,he bring sorrows To us” as soon as Nyibu Gagam heard the shout, he came outside running and was shocked to see the truth unfolded so wide and openly.

The village headman uttered “ A nyibu must be a respectful person, he should be free of lies and deceit” we can’t have him in our village nor kill him’, so I have decided in front of Ane donyi & Abo polo that nyibu Gagam be banished from Damyo village for ever & never return again” Yai Tato the fearless the great lady shaman appeared from the crowd and said “Uyu Gomte Ato you are a free spirit now, I forgive you for your actions ” the uyu thanked the lady shaman and as a gift of freedom he received, he brought peace and prosperity to the Damyo village once again. Yami Takar Talar lived happily with their family, Mingkeng the leader migrated to Tibet and got settled there, Tabi the hunter got married at Damyo with yapi the last cousin sister of Shinglong family.

Yami got married to a handsome, understanding ,Hardworking, powerful pure and clean husband Who was non other than the great shaman of the south, indeed it was her own husband who rose from the dead. The vision of Yakor Paleng the mad man got finally fulfilled, it was not Takar, but it was always Yami’s husband whom the mad man show in his vision.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my fiction “the Shaman woman and the cock”

Ep:05| The Shaman, woman & The Rooster

“In Damyo village “

Recap: In the last episode, you have found out that the wolf who was always there to save Talar, Tabi the hunter and Ming Keng the Leader was none other than their friend & a brother Takar, who was captured by the “uyu” (spirit) in the first episode. So They all decided to go back to their village Damyo after a long struggle in the wilderness. By now you must have also known that Yami had lost her husband, who was a great shaman from the south, however in the previous episode Yami cursed the Rooster (cock),who was alleged for touching the grave of her late husband Shaman! The rooster had to ask forgiveness from ” Ane Donyi “ the Sun God ,early in the morning . So the cock gets up above the house & crows & in this way the generation of the cock or rooster began cock-a doodle do”.

Fiction written and owned by ©jonpebitato /2020 ©Jptwrites

Ming-keng the Leader ,Tabi the hunter ,Talar & Takar the brothers reached Namcha mountain from where they could see their village Damyo, All were filled with energy and happiness thinking about how they had surpassed the challenges in the wilderness & now finally they are about to set their foot in their village. “wait a minute Takar” Tabi the hunter whispered , ‘I don’t understand how did you escape from that ‘Uyu’ in the south, we thought that he must have taken away your soul, ‘ I second you Tabi “, shouted Ming-keng the leader”. Hey guys can you please leave him alone, he must have gone through strained adversities , first let us all reach our village, don’t you see we are still far away from our village, interrupted Talar the brother of Takar.

I don’t think we are bothering your brother Talar, Tabi the hunter replied, we are just curious to know more about him, and I also want to understand how did he even become that growling wolf in the wilderness and how did he even meet the great lady shaman Yai Tato the fearless. As Tabi the hunter kept questioning about the whereabout of Takar, the group reached the downstream of Yarlung Tsangpo and took a rest.

Yarlung tsangpo

Down in the south Yami Lits the fire in the house and reminisce her Moment with her brothers while they were all together in Damyo Dolu (village),she sheds a tear reminiscing how her brother Takar was taken away by the uyu because of her, she start accusing and blaming herself for all the negative deeds that had occurred to her and her brother. She didn’t even eat food for three consecutive days because of sadness and grieves.

Meanwhile A voice from the corner came out “Don’t cry yami ” everything in life happens for a reason, “who said that “? Who’s there? Asked Yami . With a cute tail and a red lump on head came out the two leg rooster (cock) whom she had cursed sometime ago. “it’s me Ane Yami” said the cock! yami looked at him and enquired how do you know about humans feeling? You are a cock, you won’t understand the pain and sorrow. The rooster replied ” I might not know The feelings of humans but after crowing to Ane Donyi for two week, I have come to know that something in life happens for a reason, today people in this village wakes up and go to their fields and hills because of the sound I make, my morning doodle has been acknowledged by you humans, thanks to you Ane Yami (mother yami) “

You seems to be very humbled Perok (rooster/cock) replied Yami, but you don’t have idea how much I miss my brothers, oh God I can’t even forgive myself ,my brother Takar is gone all because of me ” cried Yami. “what can I do to help you Ane Yami asked the Perok (cock) , that’s very sweet of you Perok ,I just want you to be free! From today you can have your freedom , hearing this The Perok (cock/rooster) sighed with happiness! He was free of everything, he don’t have to doodle every morning, the cock decided that he will continue his doodle in the morning for the Respect of Ane Yami and Ane Donyi the sun God, hence today the cock crows whenever he wishes.

Meanwhile Yami decided that she would set off for her village Damyo! But she was bewildered about the journey ,since she had forgotten the route, she sighed and said ” I guess my faith has been decided, I must stay here in Gong village” yami had no option but to live rest of her life in the Gong village.

Far in the North beside the bank of Yarlung Tsangpo, the Group after taking a rest for several hour, sets off for their village Damyo, so after a long tiring walk for one week , the group finally reached their village. ‘Wooohhh !!! Woo-hoo!!! Shouted Ming-keng the leader, a village watchmen in the tower put his hands on his forehead and tries to see keenly who are those men howling at the village entrance, “Ohhh Nyi gaddv pwduku “ (OH the men has arrived) shouted the village watchmen from the watchtower , while he was informing the villager, the group had entered in the village, entire village dwellers came out to receive them, Dolu Abo gam (village headman ) walked slowly in the front and said “welcome boys, Ngunuk kum jinam Vm Donyi Polo tageybakv ” (well come boys, the great sun and Moon God has heard our prayers) , we are happy to have you back. Abruptly someone from the crowd shouted “yami ola-ku Konpo mo ,yami ola “?

Yami tv sokpwk Gong Dolu lo yedu ” replied Talar (yami lives in gong village in the south ) “Maww boloie nyida igelo duduku ” replied Ming Keng the leader (she got married and stays there Only)

The person who asked about Yami was Mother of Talar -Takar & Yami”. The villagers had no idea of the struggles and obstacles the group had faced while travelling back to Damyo.

After three weeks of stay in village, Ming-keng the leader told everything that had happened with them in the journey to Jumken And his wife Omeneri, the story went viral throughout the village after Omeneri started gossiping with her fellow village women folks. So one day the story reached to the ear of Ane yater Shinglong ,mother of Talar -Takar & Yami Shinglong.

Ane yater called Takar and Talar and asked them to bring her daughter back to the village, ‘she must be alone at Gong village’ said Ane yater to her sons, her son Takar replied “Ane don’t worry she is fine” No I don’t care just bring her back here to me” said Ane Yater again, Talar sat back at the verandah And heard them talk, so while both mother and son had their conversation few relatives arrived outside their house. One of them shouted “Bring yami back to the village as her husband shaman is no more in the south, if you guys are tired we can go ” Ane yater came outside and asked all the relatives to come up in the house for discussion.

House verandah

The discussion went for several hours in which they all decided that they would meet and talk with the village headman. The old yi-mo Tato had lived for 87 years in the village and he was one of the oldest, so the dwellers use to ask for his advice. Takar, Talar and their relatives arrived at the Village headman’s house, they waited outside the headman’s entrance , “Abo!!!!!! Shouted Takar from outside, The cranking sound of the nyope (bamboo floor) could be heard , it meant that the old man was coming out, with those beer skin on the back, Hands and legs, hornbill feather on the headgear, chest filled with Tadoks (beads) , old wrinkled tattooed face, & carrying his two long machete ,the village headman came outside & said “Takar I know about you, you were not saved by Yai Tato the fearless as you must be thinking, instead it was Yami’s husband who was always there for you” Listening to that Takar was shocked, he didn’t uttered a single word, in the meantime one of the relative asked the old man, ‘is it OK for us to go back to the south“? the oldman looked at him and said ” Takong you can go but make sure that no female should be allowed to travel with you”

Oldman decided that before the group sets off for the southern Province , they must be blessed by old Nyibu (priest) who dwells at the outskirt of the village. So the group went to take the blessing from that old Nyibu , as soon as they arrived near the village Priest house, “Toya to, iikubey ” (wait who’s there) a sound came from inside the house, it was Nyibu who felt some kind of strange aora because he could sense unnatural things, “ngunu na Nyibu Gagam ‘ Damyo Dolu Lok nyi Ku na” (it’s us Oh priest Gagam, people from Damyo village) the villager replied. Nyibu started humming spiritual words and shouted “I can sense a dead man outside ” Oh yes a dead man is here, what do you want from me”?

People outside the priest’s house Started gazing at each other with anxiousness. “none of us are dead, is that Nyibu a psychoTakong whispered to his mates. In the meantime “Ming Keng the leader came running towards and said “let me join with you guys”, Takar & Talar asked ” where is Tabi the hunter” Ming Keng the Leader told them he had no idea and the last time he saw him was when Tabi the hunter was drunk in his house. Takong said ” hey let’s go inside and take the blessing from Nyibu Gagam” (priest Gagam). The priest shouted again “only the dead man enters ” Ming Keng the leader realised that Takar was once captured by uyu and even turnrd into a howling wolf, so he must be dead man. Ming Keng the leader said “Takar you go in, the old priest summons youTalar the brother of Takar said “my brother is not the dead man, he is there with us and he LivesTakong who came with his four other relatives knew about the story of Takar and his friends, as the tales of their journey had already been widespread across the village. All of them asked Takar to go inside But his brother Talar was against the decision, he didn’t want to lose Takar again.

Meanwhile in the village Yakor paleng the mad man” seeing Tabi the hunter lying in drunkenness, started laughing and throwing pebbles at him, Tabi the hunter got up shouting “Ey no Yakor yao no jejja bo mudu kuloko”( hey you yakor fool, you must be really a mad man) Yakor Paleng the mad man was dressed with worned out beer and deer skin , his hair was shabby, his teeths were all black, he never took a shower in last 20 years , he was hence called the village mad man, but one thing he had in him which no other villagers had in them, Yakor paleng the mad man had the power of seeing vision and when angered he could vanish in a second. So even though he was smelly and shabby the villagers allowed him to live in the village, his visions were never wrong. A year ago Yakor Paleng the mad man, told Nyibu Gagam that one person in the village will rise from the dead, nyibu Gagam waited for this moment to happen.

Meanwhile Tabi the hunter walked away from the mad man, Tabi the hunter was a kind of person who always believed in himself more than believing others. So he never gave a damn about Yakor paleng the mad man’s vision. While he walked past by , the mad man laughed & shouted ” hahaha.. Tabi the hunter you were caught by the Ma jum the cursed old man in the jungles of Nyingchi province, you fool you were supposed to be the dead man had that wolf not arrived on time” listening to that Tabi the hunter came straight to Yakor Paleng and enquired about how did he knew about it. The mad man laughed and shouted “even the walls of ears ,entire village knows about it Hehe, you were lying drunk for several days so you might not know about it. Should I foretell your future? Hearing that Tabi the hunter murmured “useless brat, I better leave him alone. He went way .

Meanwhile outside the Nyibu Gagam’s house, the decision of letting Takar inside the house turned into a quarrel between the folks, since Talar didn’t want his brother Takar to go in, however amidst the quarrel nyibu Gagam came outside and stood straight, he took a long breath and said ” Takar you are the one who rose from the dead , you are the truth of the vision the mad man talked about a year ago, I have waited for this day, yes you are the dead man “ Ming Keng the Leader asked Takar again “how did you do all these things? What happened to the uyu who captured you? How did you even turned into a wolf and than back to human? Ming Keng the leader and Tabi the hunter had been asking Takar about his whereabouts since the time when they were returning back to the village, but everytime Talar would interfere and interrupt the topic.

A voice came out from the dark dense bushes “ I know I know “woo-hoo ” and Everyone remained Shocked and silent ” To know about the rest of the story do follow me on wordpress @jptwriteswordpress.com

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Ep:04|Shaman, woman & the Rooster

Yami & cock a doodle do


Ming Keng the leader, Tabi the hunter and Talar sets off for the Nyingchi Province. In the south The shaman is dead, Yami grieves over the lose of her husband, after few weeks of traditional burial, yami finds two eggs right above the cemetery of the shaman. (her dead husband)

“well tell me who was that wolf?asked Tabi the hunter to both Ming Keng & Talar. Well I don’t know!! Talar replied. “I wish to know about it too” said Ming keng” after walking for months and days, crossing over the Perilous route, and cursed story telling Ma Jum the old shaman, the trio reached Nyingchi Province.

The three met the great lady shaman yai tato the fearless . She was a legend in herself, she was so powerful that no spirit could dare to deny her, but as usual no request were fulfilled without a profound sacrifice involved in the rituals. After narrating the entire story , the great lady shaman Yai tato the fearless, spoke ,” Give me your hand” The three were shocked, “what!! Talar replied, “you mean our hands? ” the lady shaman, replied ” I must have at least one hand from any one of you as a sacrifice to the spirit , especially you Talar, because it’s your own brother. Ming Keng & Tabi were so silence like never before , they didn’t know what to do and say. Finally Talar stood up & said “I am ready to give my hands, but in return I want my brother alive, & oh great yai Tato the fearless, you must make sure this would happen ” “it Will be done my boy “,”said the shaman ” The sacrificial ceremony had to be perform at the dawn So they have to wait for the day.

Note that there should not be any rainfall at dawn, otherwise the rituals had to be postponed

Far in the south Yami decided to bring both of the Eggs to her home, and kept it in a corner . After three days the eggs got cracked & there were two tiny chicken. Having seen that, yami smiled after so many days, she really loved the tiny chickens, so she decided to raise both of them with all Love and Care.

In North at Nyingchi Province it was dawn, Ming Keng the leader, Tabi the hunter & Talar, was waiting for the shaman to start the ritual, ” come forward Talar ” said the lady shaman from the fire alter. Yai Tato the fearless had a sharp oval shaped matchet through which she had sacrificed hundreds and thousands of human hands to summon the spirits. Those days human sacrifice was one of the most exalting offer for the spirits, they felt satisfied with such enormous glorification , this was the only reason why no spirit could dare challenge the lady shaman for she had sacrificed thousands of human blood. Sometime it could either be a whole body and sometimes it could be just hands.

Talar was trembling so bad, He kept his hands over the wood, so that the shaman could chop those hands with one blow of her matchet. Talar shouts “Aahhhh!!! Brother takar this is for you” , shaman Chants while her both hands holds her matchet above her heads , her chants keeps repeating fast, Talar was terrified as hell, Ming Keng and Tabi grinds their teeth and closed their eyes, with five fingers, the time was a perfect dawn, the lady shaman blows her matchet swiftly to chop Talar’s hands , before the matchet could reach an inch over Talar’s hand, there was a loud howling and growling of wolf “awwoooooohhhh” lady shaman stops abruptly! And replied Talar you are Lucky! You don’t need to sacrifice you hand. The wolf appears from the dark dense bushes, “it’s you” Shouted Talar! You saved me again, but how will I get my brother Takar if I don’t sacrifice my hands to the spirits.

wolf whispers something inside the ear of the lady shaman! Ming Keng and Tabi almost fell to the ground had those hands been chopped off. The three watched the lady shaman and the wolf attentively. Shaman said ” Talar you were brave, you were ready to get your hands chopped off for your brother Takar, I have never done this before, but I am doing this, for your honesty has pleased me. She raised her hands, looked to the sky above & chants! Within a fraction of second ‘ the wolf turns into a human! And the moment Ming Keng the leader, Tabi the hunter and Talar saw the person, they were so happy like Never before, it was Takar!

Tears rolled down Talar’s eye! Oh Takar! He cried! You were all the time with us, and I couldn’t even notice it was you,oh my brother.” He cried all over with outmost happiness and satisfaction . Ming Keng And Tabi came forward and cuddled Takar, the four hugged each other after more than a year of separation. The lady shaman! replied uh uh! ” I knew you three since the day you planned to visit me, but I wanted to see if you three were honest and sincere enough to reach here, because for a normal human being it is not possible to reach this place where I am, I bless you all with prosperity and happiness, have a safe journey to Damyo ” The wolf turned Takar thanks the shaman to transform him back to who he was . So the four sets off back to home.

Back in the south, the chickens are now a grown up hen and a cock . Yami asked both of them to not move far away from the house, and to not touch the shaman’s cemetery ,and do not pick up anything related to it. Both of them agreed, but one day when yami went to the forest to collect some firewood ,Hen said to the cock ” hey let’s go find some delicious food in the kitchen garden, cock replied, it’s forbidden, don’t you remember? Hen said aahh…. It’s alright we won’t destroy the cemetery, so both of them entered the garden and began searching & eating insects and foods, suddenly the hen saw something on the cemetery, she went there & gave it to the cock ,it was actually a comb, made of bamboo which the shaman used while he was alive. Cock shouted “you fool, didn’t I tell you not to pick up anything related to the shaman” the hen said ” I didn’t know it , It was lying above the pile of mud”so I thought of showing it to you, now both of them tried to keep the comb the same way as it was before, so that yami couldn’t know about it. But they were in vain ,since the hen herself couldn’t remember the actual position of the comb. So the cock decided to be honest and waited for yami to come back, when she came back with the firewoods , the cock ran straight to her and dropped the comb at her feet, and he said ” I am sorry, I didn’t mean to touch it, but I couldn’t even keep it like the way it was before, so I decided not to hide it from you, yami got furious , she picked up the comb and hit it hard on the cock’s head, and as soon she hit him up on his head ,there was an appearance of a red lump over the cock’s head. The cock cried and ran here and there out of the pain . Yami shouted “that is your curse, not from me but for touching things related to shaman. Cock & hen asked for forgiveness, cock requested her to heal those red lumps over his head, yami said “it’s impossible, but there is only one way, every morning before the sunrise, you must stand above the ground and make a request to the almighty Donyi! (the sun God), to heal your red lump over your head” The cock accepted her words and in the next morning, he climbed up above the house, looked up straight in the sky, with all his heart and heads up, did his “cock a doodle do” which even after a thousands of years, is still relevant in today’s world . It has become a tradition of the cock to wake up early and do the doodle do!

Fiction written by ©jonpebitato

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Ep:03|Shaman, woman & the Rooster

“Wolf in the wilderness & Ma Jum’s Tale

a fiction written & produced by ©JonPebiTato


“In the last episode Talar experienced a moment unlike never before in his life, the phrase of the growling wild wolf saying “Follow me” was really unprecedented! And in the meantime Yami & the shaman had to face the wrath if they fail to provide the spirit (uyu) his sacrificial demands. So let’s move on…

Follow me to the other side of the cave ” said the growling wild wolf. Talar took his machete , bow & arrow ,checked his armour, tightened it & followed the wild wolf, he walked very slow, without making any single noise, not even his footsteps. He looked back at the other two, and uttered “huh Ming Keng the leader & Tabi the hunter, they’re sleeping like a crazy wild beer who has never got a sleep in a year, they think of me as a fool, I will show them when the time is right ” having uttered that, the growling wolf keeps waiting aside. Talar arrives at the spot, it was dark & silent, he seemed terrified and frightened now, for he was all alone with a talking crazy wild wolf, the mother of all moments in his entire life.

Talar remember what his Abo (father) once taught him while hunting in the wilderness, “whenever you come across a Wild beast, never ever keep your eyes down” “just look at the beast’s eyes” & in that way you can instead terrify the wild animals, if the beast turns back you win”

Talar looked at the wolf’s eye and asked “why did you call me here?” and How do you do that human talking? The growling wolf replied, ‘I have been wondering in these mountains of namcha & Taliha’ & I never saw humans resting at my cave”, I know you have lost your brother & sister to the hands of Shaman in the south, and I also can see it in your eyes, you people are heading towards Nyingchi Province, to take the help of the lady Shaman Yai Tato the fearless “

Having listened to that, Talar was shocked as hell like “what!! “how do you know that”? And Will you please tell me “How do you do that human talking “? The wolf replied you ask too many questions , instead you should be asking me why am I telling you all these ” anyway If you are heading towards Nyingchi Province, I just want you to know that the route you and your friends have chosen is perilous, please take the route through the rivers , if you want to stay alive, I will be watching you . And before Talar could ask any further the wild wolf growls and vanishes in the wilderness. “God damn It” shouted Talar!! What did just happen? My God! I don’t understand, that crazy beast would not tell me anything ” arrggg… I hate such moment! Now Talar goes to sleep to see the next day.

Far away in the south Yami & her husband the Shaman has very less time in their hands, before “Yirne the bird, shouts “Takom Papuk” three time, in the next season, shaman had to provide the spirit (uyu) his sacrificial demands.

Three weeks before the end of the season

Yami asked the shaman to borrow some Mithun (wild gayal) and pigs from the People living in the village , shaman replied “No, that’s not possible a shaman don’t ask from people, it is the people who must willingly come & Provide me, and in return I shall have to do rituals for them, and for the rituals I must summon the spirits, and now you see, the spirit won’t listen to me, for I am already in debt for fulfilling the Uyu’s sacrificial demands.

However the shaman atlast decided to kill the hens he only had as a sacrificial ceremony to conduct a ritual, so that he could convince the spirit to buy more time. Yami also agreed to it, she really wanted to see her brothers and Families at Damyo. So the next morning before the sun rise Shaman asked Yami to stay away from him when he conduct rituals, “bring me the hens from pwtwwr (a cage made for hens from bamboo )

Yami brings the hens and moves away from the house, the shaman wore the ritual attire, the coat & hat made of beer’s skin, a long sharp machete brought from Mongolia, the belt made of deer’s skin attached with teeths of five tigers he killed and a secondary knife he got from his forefather. Now he was ready for ritual.

Note that this ritual could be the shaman’s last ritual, because he was already in a serious debt. Now it was only up-to the spirit whether he agrees or not”

Far in North before Ming Keng the leader & Tabi the hunter could speak anything, Talar stood up and said “let’s go through the rivers by taking that way we can reach Nyingchi as soon a possible”. Tabi the hunter asked in surprise “wait a minute!! How do you know that the river down there would take us to our destination”? Talar replied,because the Great Wolf told me” Ming Keng the leader walked near him & said “You think we are fool? A wild wolf told you? How? By saying.. Wooooooohhhh” Ming Keng & Tabi the hunter laughed at Talar”

Talar replied “Now you guys are not taking me seriously, trust me he really was talking, like us” I mean the wolf! Ming Keng & Tabi the hunter burst out of laughter, because they never saw Talar talking such shit in this serious way, Talar asked “all right if you guys don’t want to follow me it’s fine,am leaving ,am taking the rivers way alone, I don’t care about you guys follow me or not, you guys have never ever believed and listened to me. Good bye” having said Talar leaves the spot. Ming Keng & Tabi comes running towards Talar and said “hey we all are brothers from Damyo, I don’t know about your talking wolf but I guess your idea is great, let’s take the river” The three followed the river, while walking Talar remembers what The wolf said in the last meeting “I will be watching you” so He looked up at the hill, and the wolf was there.

He shouted “look look look up that hill, he is there, watching at us” the other two replied yes that seems to be a wolf. Talar said that’s what I am talking about “He told me he will be watching me” listening to that the Other two laughed again, Tabi the hunter said “Talar you are so lucky now animals talks to you, you won’t be needing to go for a hunt” they might come by themselves ” hahah…

It’s been five days since the three walked, Tabi the hunter said, “you guys take a hault here, I will be back with something to eat for tonight ” Ming keng & Talar laid down on the grass and decided to take a nap. Meanwhile With his bows & arrows Tabi the hunter shoots a deer, he went to fetch it, but the deer was nowhere to be seen, he was really surprised, “how is that possible “? He whispered to himself. Once again he saw a rabbit and this time his arrow went right through the heart of the rabbit , as soon as he was about to fetch the rabbit, it was gone. He was really damn surprised , in his entire life of hunting, he never had experienced such astonishing event. “This is my forest ” “you cannot hunt here” a voice appears!! Tabi the hunter replied “who’s there? Who are you”? Come out and show yourself !

Tall man with a spear appears before him and said “I am Ma Jum”, “and this is my area, no one can hunt here in my jungle without offering me a sacrifice” what shall I have to do? Replied Tabi the hunter, MA jum the protector of jungle said “you must bring me an egg and a Blood of any living thing ” Tabi the hunter said “oh great MA jum, Protector of the jungle, we have walked a long way from Damyo, Taliha and now we are heading towards Nyingchi , we got nothing left on us, wherever we decided to hault, we survive only through the meats which we aquired from hunting. Am sorry i won’t be able to provide you an egg of a hen. Ma jum the protector of forest replied, “you are honest I can see it in your eyes, but I can’t allow you to hunt in my jungle, but instead of that you must listen to my Tale, after I complete my Tale, you can go, but do not dare to interrupt me while I narrate my story otherwise you will never return home. Tabi the hunter had no option but to sit down listened to Ma Jum’s Tale.


The protector of the forest Ma Jum begins ,’ there was a huge roaring thunder in the sky, people in the village ran here and there , the earth crumbled from below, the houses were shaking and some even fell to the ground, many died only few survived, he asked Tabi the hunter, “you know what was that”? Tabi replied Offcourse an earthquake! Many were scared. Ma jum was happy to hear his correct reply. So he continued his Tale….

On the other side Ming Keng the leader & Talar woke up and asked each other, ‘where the hell is Tabi the hunter? Ming Keng said I’ve never wintnessed so much delay in Tabi’s hunting endeavor, he is the finest hunter after all , Talar said “yes in entire Damyo” both screamed “Tabiiiiiiii” Where are you????? But their voice could never be heard by Tabi.

In the Far south while the ritual begun, Shaman sacrificed his hens and chants “uhhhhh…. Tai ma mo ne”!! Huh… Uyu… Gv” the uyu (Spirit) appears before him across the huge fireplace. The yelling spirit (uyu) asked, “why did you summon me! oh shaman from the south ? “are you giving me my sacrificial gift? The shaman replied ” No I didn’t remember to summon you but to request you to please spare me some more time, so that i can raise my livestocks in a better way, as you know i have exhausted all of my animals . Now me and yami are married too and we are having a tough time running as a family . I would be glad if you provide me some more time. I am offering my two hens as a sacrificial gift for just a small request and having provided some more time I promise you to offer you a big sacrifice.

The spirit replied in anger “I gave you a whole year, now you dare to ask me for more , you remind me of a shaman who had the same issue 200 years ago, but since he was old and had served me long enough, I vanished him from the eyes of human being, i killed his entire family by crumbling the earth and by casting the roaring thunder upon his village, shaman replied where did you vanish him? Spirit said “He is a cursed now, living in those dark Dense forest to the northern hills, outskirt of Nyingchi province” Shaman asked “means he is alive right “? The spirit replied “yes he is alive ” shaman enquired, “then how is he a cursed if he is still alive? Spirit said “He cant eat nor drink, he is alive only by taking the human’s soul, he is not even allowed to touch human ” shaman replied “if he is not allowed to touch, how come he takes away men’s soul ? Spirit grows frustrated and makes a huge noise ” you want to die “???? You asked me enough questions, How dare you enquire me! Shaman asked for forgiveness and said “oh great uyu, you have listened to me since last 28 years and I have never made you angry.

“You must know that uyu (spirits) are not humans, they live on sacrifice, if they don’t get it then they take away the soul or vanished them to nowhere for thousand of years with a curse, and they do not have a feeling of mercy on them” and that’s the rule.

Yami who went far away from home was waiting at the farm house, she thought the spirit must have been convinced by her husband.

Inside the shaman’s house, the spirit was on the verge of ravage, had he not been called by ritual chants, he would have not been that angry, shaman pleaded him to calm down ,the spirit shouted “you know what I did to that old shaman 200 years ago? I cursed him to feed on such human souls who only passes by that particular forest and listened to the tales of that cursed shaman” now you know the story, a human must never listen to the tales from a spirit, I am sorry but I can’t let you live, you should have never perform this ritual but instead work on the remaining days , shaman cried and requested “oh my humble uyu, can you please spare my life, I am still young and I can provide you many sacrifices in near future, please I have a wife who is waiting for me, she has a brother with you, for whom she is waiting since past one year. Please oh great soul! Spare me for I have done nothing but served you and remain humbled. The spirit don’t understand Mercy, “shouted the spirit” and vanished in a second.

Everything was silenced, there was no more ravaging noise, no fire burning in the house, no hens, everything seems still and calm, Yami who was watching the house from the nearby farmhouse saw something wrong, since there was no smoke coming out of the house, she Remembered, her husband asked her to stay away from the house , but Yami couldn’t wait any longer, she insisted herself to go to the house. After reaching the house, what she saw devasted her , she never thought this would be her fate, having lost a brother in the hands of the spirit and now her husband. Unfortunately while holding the face of her dead husband the super shaman of the south, yami cries out loudly. Her only life and a hope was gone in a moment.

Far in the North MA Jum the protector of the forest who was Actually the cursed old shaman, was on a journey to take the soul of Tabi the hunter . Few miles away from that region Ming Keng the leader and Talar was in vain searching for Tabi the hunter. Abruptly the wild wolf appears on the Hill from the wilderness , And Talar saw it and he wanted Ming Keng the leader to get convinced that the wolf can actually talk .

Both walked towards the wolf, the wolf said” Hello Ming keng” and hearing that Ming Keng got his jaw dropped for a moment. He said “is that wolf really talking ?” Talar “said yes this is what i have been telling you all since few days, I had the same shocking moment when I heard it for the first time. The wolf growled “are you both done talking? You friend Tabi the hunter is in danger, we must save him. Before the cursed old Shaman could invade his soul. Both were like “what “? What r u talking about cursed and old shaman? The wolf replied, this is why I told Talar, I will be watching you ” until you reach Nyingchi Province safely. The only person who can go in there is me” humans are Forbidden, and your friend was not aware of that.

Wolf makes a plan, ” when I enter inside the jungle ,I will growl, with that sound that old Cursed shaman would get scared, & when he gets scared, he gets distracted,and that is the perfect moment when you both go inside the forest find out your friend and bring him out.

So as per plan the wolf goes in, growls and howls, the cursed ma jum got distracted , scared and Angry, he shouted “argggg this filthy animal, he came back again! & when the howling continues, The cursed old shaman gets up , runs to and fro to check the wolf, and as Per plan Ming keng the leader who was well known warrior in Damyo, ran swiftly and fastly, he had the ability to smell, so he could smell the whereabout of Tabi the hunter and finally rescued him, outside the forest Talar waited for Ming Keng, & Finally when he saw Ming Keng with Tabi the hunter, he helped him carry Tabi and ran as far as they could, away from that cursed forest, the wolf also managed to come out and went up the hill and howled from there, Talar and Ming Keng looked at the wolf from the other side of the hill and waved at him, it was a gesture of thanking him, while Tabi the hunter, who just came back to his sense, asked “what’s going on” whom are you waving at? Ming Keng replied, to the one who saved your life. Tabi stood up slowly and waved his hand too, and asked both of them “is that your talking wolf”? Yes (both replied) Tabi looked at Ming keng with confused face, Ming Keng said this time it is true, Talar shouted “come on!! it was always true since the first time ” it’s you both who never believed in me . The three took a rest and headed towards the Nyingchi Province.

Far in the south, Yami was crying, she misses her brother, her family & her husband, she was all alone . As per tradition, Yami buried her husband the great Shaman of the south, just in the center of the kitchen garden. Days and weeks passed by, as usual Yami went to pour rice beer above the cemetery of her dead husband, while she approached the cemetery, she saw two eggs lying above the cemetery of her dead husband. She was Shocked! She whispered “where the hell did this come from”

Where did the eggs come from?

What will yàmi do with those eggs?

Will Ming Keng the leader, Tabi the hunter & Talar reach the Nyingchi province?

Why did the wolf saved Tabi Talar and Ming keng ?where did he go?

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Ep 02|Shaman , woman & the Rooster

“The Spirit’s Demand “

Hello folks ! JPTwrites is back with the second episode of the “shaman, woman &,the cock” i am glad you gave so much love to my previous Fictions. So here we go….


𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙢𝙖𝙣 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙨𝙥𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙩 (𝙜𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙩) & 𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙝𝙞𝙢, 𝙜𝙤𝙩 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙗𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙣𝙤𝙞𝙨𝙚 𝙤𝙛 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙤𝙩𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙥𝙨” 𝙝𝙚 𝙙𝙞𝙙𝙣’𝙩 𝙠𝙣o𝙬 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙖 𝙬𝙤𝙢𝙖𝙣 ,𝙝𝙚 𝙨𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙜𝙝𝙤𝙨𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙨𝙚𝙚 𝙬𝙝𝙤 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨, 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 & 𝙒𝙝𝙤 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙗𝙚𝙙 𝙝𝙞𝙢 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙡𝙚 𝙙𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙡𝙨 ,𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙤𝙪𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙤𝙪𝙨 !

‘yami’ heard the Shaman speak of her whereabout to the spirit, as soon as she was about to flee the scene, her brother Takar came running out of the bush screaming ,”yami!!! Don’t Turn back!!! Don’t turn back”

It was because Takar could see the spirit (uyu) approaching from behind, if Yami turns back , her soul would be taken away by the (uyu) spirit. Yami thought she was saved by her brother on the right time, but unfortunately Yámi was captured and her brother Tàkar who came running out of the bush without a second thought was taken away by the spirit (uyu).

Behind the bush, Ming keng the leader said silently ,”i told everyone not to move out of the bush, takar & yami would definitely lead all of us to hell. This is just foolishness ! Arrgg… I can’t even believe those two didn’t even listen to me. Tabi the hunter whispered, “shall we go find out ?” Talar agreed to Tabi the hunter’s plan to find out where did the spirit take their brother & sister. (Tâkar /Yami).

Inside the house of the shaman

The spirit tells the shaman that he has heard his summon & the culprits are captured . Uyu rises up like a flame & requested the shaman ” ngok jitu vm jitoke, ogsin emum bo omo kv, no sendu ngo inye ku,ayem bo” ( nothing comes for free, you knw it very well, provide me my sacrifice, & I shall leave, hurry!

The shaman asked the uyu (spirit) ,” why don’t you take away the captives as my sacrificial gift for you” “i guess it shall satisfy you”

The uyu replied ,” one is a woman, i could have killed her but since you had summoned me to bring you a good wife in this year, i thought of giving it to you”

On the other hand , Ming keng the leader had a plan with Tabi the hunter & Talar, he said “hey listen, why don’t we go to Nyingchi Province and meet one of the great Nyibu/Miri (shaman) , she is a woman and i heard that lady shaman is very powerful & she had lived 20 generation of her life” Talar enquired , “wait a minute, before moving out of Damyo, you said this shaman who captured my brother & sister to be more powerful” so where the hell did this lady shaman come from? Are you kidding me? My sister has been captured, it has been 3 days ,we are hiding ourselves from nothing , in this useless freaking , sticky ,smelly, itchy bushes !!

“Calm down Talar “, said Tabi & Ming keng” we understand your feeling, we shall find out your brother & sister , don’t worry.

Talar agreed to the plan , of going to Nyingchi & taking the help from the lady shaman. After discussing a lot ,the three left for Nyingchi province.

On the other side, After hearing that the captive is a woman, the Shaman was filled with happiness, he thanked the uyu (spirit) , for full-filing his summon to bring him a wife. Once again Uyu repeated his demand ,”where’s my sacrificial items? Nothing comes for free!

The shaman replied, “Nyime em ngok duko so dulik tok,vg kokw la ngo nok mennam em kojiye” (first bring the girl near me,after that i will see your demand) the uyu ! Agreed and produced the girl before the shaman. “yami” was scared as hell! She cried please don’t kill me, i need to go with my brother! The shaman enquired ‘brother” ??? You were with your brother?? Yami replied, yes i came with my brothers, your uyu has captured my one of my brother, please let him go .

The shaman asked , ‘why did you guys come here” yami replied “we wanted to see your miraculous work” last year you brought prosperity in our Damyo, so we just wanted to meet you ,but we saw you were busy with your rituals, we were scared ,therefore we hid ourselves inside the bush & watched you from there, it was me who disturbed your rituals, am sorry, it was my fault, please forgive my brother, let my brother Takar leave”

Listening to that, the spirit got angry, “How dare you ask to free your brother” “he is mine now” Yami asked the shaman to please summon the spirit to free her brother, but shaman could not summon him because he already has a debt of sacrificial gift to the spirit.

When there was No sacrifice from the shaman’s side, usually spirits use to take away the soul of the shamans, because shaman had to keep them happy and satisfied through sacrifical gifts. (this was the law)

However Uyu gave a stipulated time to the Shaman, to provide him the sacrificial gift or else face the consequences. About Yami’s brother he would be returned to her after the shaman had fulfill his demands. Uyu vanishes out to nowhere .

Yami who aleady had a crush on the handsome Shaman, was really happy to sit beside him and listened to him speak of life while they sayed together in the house. However yami really missed her brothers ,she was longing to meet them and go back to damyo, but on the other hand after staying there for three months , yami found out that the shaman was not just powerful but also very good & kind hearted person.

You must know that no shaman can be dishonest, cruel, unfaithful, unworthy, or filled with dirt, with such nature ,summoning the spirit is next to impossible”

The shaman kept her very happy and they both got married to each other. One day Yami enquired him about the spirit & his brother Takar, “when will the spirit set my brother free”?

Shaman replied “oh my yami, next season , before yirne the bird’s “takom papuk “is heard three time, i must be able to provide my sacrificial debt to the spirit ,then he will set your brother free. Yami asked ” what kind of sacrificial gift “? Shaman said, it can be anything, but it should be blood, I have almost exhausted my Mithun (wild gayal) , Pig and all I have left with me are my hens! And I know the spirit won’t accept the hens in return for what he has done for me.

Yami promised to help and work hard with her husband to raise cattle and mithuns, so that by next season they would be able to fulfill the spirit’s demand.

On the other side, I hope you remember the plans of Ming Keng the leader ,Tabi the hunter and Talar the younger brother of Takar and elder brother of yami. Three weeks passed by since they set off their journey to Nyingchi Province ,to meet the great lady shaman “Yai Tato-the fearless “

The rugged and perilous road was hard to travel , after crossing dozens of hills and rivers, Talar said “I am tired, I can’t walk any further ,I knew this was foolishness ” you two brought me here to die in vain. I can’t die here, am a warrior, my dead should not be lost in such filthy way, I would rather kill you both and die like a warrior rather than die out of breath and walking like a fool to nowhere.

Ming Keng the leader decided to take a hault ,and rest for a night in a cave . Tabi the hunter just came with two rabbits , for dinner, Ming keng burned the fire to prepare the meal ,Talar was still upset. He had no patience left to listen to any single word from those two companion. He cried a bit, “oh I miss my sister yami, Takar my brother and my ane & abo (mom /dad) , why did I come here, I should have never left Damyo.

Dinner was prepared and served, but Talar didn’t eat , An hour later while they were asleep after dinner, suddenly a wild wolf walked in the vicinity of fireplace , growling & howling” Ming Keng & Tabi were deep asleep, but Talar woke up. He was so tired, sad and broken from within that he was not even scared of the wild wolf. But one thing really shocked him, he was out of the world for a moment, in his entire life he never ever saw & heard such thing when this came out 👉”Follow me” said the growling wild wolf !

Oh my God!!! Did that wolf just talked?? Talar said in his mind. I this is going crazy!! Am i dreaming?? He kept checking himself , touching his face & body “alright I am quite wide awake” (he uttered) just to check once again he asked –

“what “???

“I said follow me” ( growled the wolf)

Oh my God!! This was a hell of an experience, Mothers of all moment!!

On the other hand the seasons are passing by, yami and the shaman couldn’t raise as much as cattles & livestock they could! There is only one month left for the Uyu (spirit) to re appear.

So what happen to Talar? Did he follow the wolf? How did the wild wolf talked like a human?

What happen to Yami & the Shaman?

What will happen to them if they fail to provide the uyu his Sacrificial demands?

Will Takar be set FREE? or is he even Alive by now?

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Do read the first episode of shaman woman the cock here in this given link✌ https://jptwrites.wordpress.com/2020/08/31/shaman-the-cock-episode-1/?preview=true

Ep:01 |Shaman , woman & the Rooster

“𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐨𝐧 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐲”

You may be anywhere in the world right now but you are here, and i thank you for your unprecedented visit to my “JPTWRITES”word press blog.

So the story goes like, A very long time ago ,may be more than thousands of years ,even before the Romans ruled the world , there lived a shaman in the world’s highest tibetan plateau . He lived with his wife “yami”

The shaman was so powerful that he could summon the unseen spirits to do all his work, he had thousands of spirit within him ,he would heal people’s disease & cast away demons, you can imagine how powerful he was, but those were done on the cost of sacrifice. The sacrifice were most probably of an animal but if situation prevailed, humans were included too. Those periods were full of tremendous supernatural activities.

One day shaman was having his ritual chants to summon the spirit ,asking them to not destroy the paddies of the nearby village, for the sacrifices shall be offered. The spirits agreed to the shaman and brought prosperity to the nearby village ,the villagers were happy, but as the season passed by , the villagers forgot the help that the shaman has bestowed upon them the mercy, from disaster to prosperity.

The leaders of the villagers thought ,”how come this shaman” is so powerful enough to summon the spirit to do things for them? Few people gathered and made a plan to have a visit to the shaman in his village, they were Ming keng the leader, tabi the hunter , talar & takar both brothers and Yami their sister.

After walking for two weeks ,they reached the shaman’s village, and saw that the shaman was sitting with his eyes closed , “chanting and humming those ritual lines”

The leader and three of the villager who came , they hid somewhere and decided to see how the shaman actually does his miraculous works. They saw that the Shaman while chanting and summoning the spirits , picked up a hen , tored the chest and took out her lungs. The shaman looked closely to the lungs and liver of the hen and was in deep thought.

“hmmmm…..huhhhhh! .tani ga porok go rok”….tai..ma mo ne”

Yami whispered “takar, what the hell is he chanting”? Talar said shhhh…keep silence ,just watch and listen” takar said he might be summoning the spirit to do some wonder, ming keng the leader asked everyone to , not move untill we have done seeing if he is dangerous for us, “after everything seems ok,we will come out of this bush & go greet him, ok” everyone agreed.

Yami was a teenager she found the shaman to be so good looking, his eyes, his way of chanting, his way of knowing things ,really had her attracted towards him.

The shaman in the Namrá (house inside) chopped the hen , and shouted loudly “ngok uyu eh” “uyu eh” ( my dear spirit oh great spirit) no ngok legabo takam dedina ato em irudu, idak kom, sinyi ngom aya silo nyime go jirutoka dem ngo kumdu!! (he said oh great spirit you have always listen my work but this year please help me get a wife)

Listening that yami was so happy, she forgot the words that her leader Ming keng said , she just fell in love with him (the shaman) she came out of the bush and reached the Shaman”s house.

The shaman while chanting the spirit (ghost) & summoning him, got distracted by the noise of the footsteps” he didnt knw it was a woman ,he summoned the ghost to see who it was, where was the sound coming from & Who disturbed him while doing the rituals ,this was outrageous !

What did the spirit do?

What happen to yami?

Did shaman find out?

What were the reactions of Mingkeng the leader,tabi the hunter ,takar and talar her brothers.

Stay tuned for my story , see you next time.

©jonpebitato signing off.❤🌿

How the crow turned Black

Once upon a time when the world of Tani ethnic tribe was surrounded by the supernatural realms, when humans could talk to animals and birds , there lived the great ancestor of entire Tani ethnic tribes , named ABO TANI.

While he was working in the field , he thought of going for a hunt before the seasons ends and certain species of animals could migrate elsewhere ,but he needed someone to finish the left over work.

He tried calling for help but none showed up, and then he call the crow.

Those days crow was said to be very pretty ,and not black. The crow was summoned by Abo Tani for helping hand, so the crow arrived at Abo Tani’s house and enquired about the work he was supposed to help.

(both sat around the fire inside home) Abo Tani was busy chopping the previously dried up meat ,which was kept above the fire place. So while working Abo Tani started to tell about the work to the petta(crow).

But all his words went above the ears of the crow ,because the crow’s eyes were all on the meat, which looked so delicious , even his saliva seems to have been dropping, on the other hand Abo Tani kept talking.

The crow was in a deep thought now he was like ,”how wonderful it would have been,if i could have a bite of that meat” aahhh!!!…..wow… Oh god!!

Crow forgot about the situation where he was in, he was in a deep thought , with all his deep -wonderful & delicious thought ,he walked in slow and smooth and pegged a bite of the meat.

Abo Tani looked at him with his surprised eye and…..

Shouted ” aiyaa…. Yao Peta no sala…. Ato go inam legabo den gokko namme ,nom ngok sok adin em dopi lo leteybo eyo gokbaye? Emme gunam log metu vm logelo ,tv petta em ,achi bo aw log peketoba…


Abo tani shouted…ayaaa you foolish bird , i called you to help me in some work ,not to come here and eat my meat just like that,you are of no use ,

He took the mettu (a half burned wood in fire ,but there is no actual fire ,it only has a charcoal left over) and thrashed the crow in his body ,for such heinous activities which was equally a kind of theft in those days. So as soon as the half burnt wood touched the crow’s body ,he turned all black , so while he was running away, Abo Tani cursed him and his entire generation to remain black and also to feed on dirty items.

Hence till today the crows are black and they do search foods on dirty places.



“Aalo or Along” is the name of the Hq of West Siang district, people from far away villages often come here for market and business, health & some Other govt official works related stuff.

So it was in the early morning of 2006 December, Once a very old man from “Tato Village ” went to “Along” to buy some stuffs from market. After shopping he had to catch the only bus which goes back to his village, viz ‘karbak bus’.

Unfortunately the poor old man missed the only bus, now he was in deep regret and melancholy, he kept Pondering ,what he should do now, The town “Along” (Aalo) was very unknown to him. He walked with the bag full of stuffs towards the road to see if he could get some help, but since he didn’t know Hindi or English , his efforts were in vain.

One Eternity later…..

The old man reached his village with upset and regretted expression . That evening his grandson asked “Ato why did you come late”? Where did you stay? “what happened with you at Along “?? Mentoke ato.

The old man took down his “bolup” (traditional Adi head gear) ,sat near the fire, and narrated.

I was all alone after I missed my bus, I roamed around the town like an old beggar, fortunately a staff from hotel took me in, as I was alone and shivering, the guy spoke in Hindi, I didn’t understand anything, but with all his action I could see that he was helping me, I felt happy but tired.

The hotel guy took me in a small room, and told me to hold there for a night and take the bus next day in the morning. Before he left,

Old man started saying

“te ome dv TV vm kuli gelo, yaka na atogo, ngom jigelo, og-ogodi mentom sitom gelo nenka, ayomobo Ngo yumi eh sitegekulo dupa, Te TV dv agom mende mende Geylo ngom yubmo kumo, hotel yame gv jinam yaka na ato em Ngo, tumngek sito bo tubkek tokoba, yali na ,yaka na,yapu na tubnam tette dasegelo, Ngo nyiji Nyikum og oku senkimoroyem, aya mobo, ngo ape geylo, margelo, upai Kokumo, blanket borken em TV lo urtum paku “

Oka Ngo aljabo yup-ba, ani nago ale jabo yubgnek sitob miitolo, Te TV te upai komo!!!!..

Son replied “what happen then?

The old man said ” Ayaaa te tv Te aajanako, blanket atag em purtum tuneme, ijja sin agom mende mende… Ngo!! Aya-mobo

Tani eh tani eh, nyipak eh nyipak eh, yumi eh yumi, Ngo senkumo, Aro rokom Lo bus em Palo, bus loi yubgelo Dolu sakunamne.

All laughed and enjoyed , the evening of 2006 winter passed by.

(the end)

Translation of language : the old narrated to his grandson and son that, he was alone, fortunately the hotel guy took him in, explained so many thing about the remote and TV, but on the other hand the old man didn’t understand anything, he just knew he had to sleep and take a bus the next day to his village. So the hotel guy left, the old man tried to sleep but ,he was irritated by the voice on television which kept coming continuously , he got frustrated and he took that black thing the hotel guy explained about (remote), he saw so many coloured buttons, he kept pressing each of them to shut the tv, but all in vain, therefore he took his Only blanket and covered the TV, and then he slept for a while with a sigh of relief, but again when his son asked “what happen then”?

The old man said, the shit still kept talking and talking, didn’t let him sleep, “I dnt knw what the world I was in”, the time passed by he took the bus in the morning and slept in the bus until he reached his village ”


The cellphone

It was the year 2001, when the world in Arunachal Pradesh, which lies in the north eastern most corner of the country, India, was on its transitional stage from the era of wired telephone kept in the living room to the small tiny cellphone in the pocket.

Everyone was so eager and so excited over this so called “telephone” which anyone can carry anywhere and talk to anyone whom they prefer, it was really cool you know.

Very few had the privilege to get their own cellphone and show to the world “see I got it” Yup! Uh huh… This is it!!

Slowly and gradually many more people across the state got the chance of buying the cellphone with the hard earned money, now the thing is that, people saw the paradigm shift in the usage of communication from wired telephone to a cellphone in a hand,many were proud to have it. However the first week of the cellphone in hand was unprecedented.

A men rang up his friend,to enquire his whereabout. So on the other side, with so much of excitement ,on his very first ever call on the wireless telephone which was vibrating ,on his pocket, aka the “cell phone ” he picked it up and answered !!

Hello!!hahaha..😅😅… “how do you know that I am here “!!😁

The men on the other side seemed quite intelligent , he just disconnected the phone and rushed back to his home.

At his home he told his wife, from now on, I will leave my cell phone in the living room.

By ©jonpebitato

A Beginner’s guide to sustainable living

Creating a sustainable lifestyle takes a lifelong commitment- to learning, experimenting, exploring and loving. Because at the end the question is- how do you want to live your life ? With regret or with love? It is such a simple principle and yet it is extended to include all living beings, it requires a complete […]

A Beginner’s guide to sustainable living
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